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Welcome Home

I am Melisa, your Vision Coach. I am here to inspire you and guide you in transforming your life into that you absolutely love. I truly believe that life was meant to be lived. In 2008, I started the process of redesigning my life into an completely authentic experience, and it has been a beautiful journey.

Today, I am liberated to express my gifts in the way that God equipped me to. My goal now is to help you discover a life of freedom, not bound by fear or the standards of others.

It’s time to embrace your best life.

It is no accident that you discovered me. I believe everything that happens has a divine purpose and reason. You are here because you are on a journey for answers and you are seeking the following:

  • Prepared to take the next steps in living your best life.
  • Ready to overcome your fear and discover your strength to truly live.
  • Seeking an accountability partner to aid you in reaching your next level of experiences.
  • Clarify your personal and professional direction
  • Revamp your business to more centered activities, narrow your focus so that you accomplish more.
  • Committed to stepping into the person that God designed you to be

Rest easy, you have found the right place. I provide concepts and strategies in my books, coaching, classes and retreats that will truly renew your mind and empower you to step into your destiny.

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Elevate Me! Chronicles featuring Crystal Dyer

As I sit watching the whistling wind outside the glass doors I am keenly aware that the sun is about to come out. True enough Crystal walks in and the whole room lights up. Crystal illuminates joy and today is no different. As we greet each other with hugs, we settle in for a great conversation. My

Elevate Me! Chronicles Featuring Thea Camara

On this brisk sunny day, I caught up with Thea Camara on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. She was preparing for her Red Carpet premiere of the Spike Lee’s new movie “Chiraq”. She invited me along for some power shopping in the beautiful stores on Michigan avenue. Thea showed up in her

Elevate Me! Chronicles featuring Katherine Waddell

As I started my drive to Washington D.C. I received a phone call from Katherine Waddell. She was checking on me to make sure I was safe on the road. I had missed my flight earlier that day and I was set to present a meditation  class at a conference in the morning. Rather than miss my class I

Elevate Me! Chronicles Featuring Moriah Morningstar

Each Elevate Me! Chronicle is special but I have to admit , as I prepare to speak with Moriah Morningstar this beautiful morning this interview brings everything full circle for me. Moriah was one of the biggest inspirations for creating the ElevateMe! platform. It was through conversations with

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