About me

I am Melisa, your Vision Coach. I am here to inspire you and guide you in transforming your life into that you absolutely love. I truly believe that life was meant to be lived. In 2008, I started the process of redesigning my life into a completely authentic experience, and it has been a beautiful journey. Today, I am liberated to express my gifts in the way that God equipped me to. My goal now is to help you discover a life of freedom, not bound by fear or the standards of others.

It’s time to embrace your best life.

It is no accident that you discovered me. I believe everything that happens has a divine purpose and reason. You are here because you are on a journey for answers and you are seeking the following:

  • Prepared to take the next steps in living your best life.
  • Ready to overcome your fear and discover your strength to truly live.
  • Seeking an accountability partner to aid you in reaching your next level of experiences.
  • Clarify your personal and professional direction
  • Revamp your business to more centered activities, narrow your focus so that you accomplish more.
  • Committed to stepping into the person that God designed you to be

Rest easy, you have found the right place. I provide concepts and strategies in my books, coaching, classes and retreats that will truly renew your mind and empower you to step into your destiny.

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