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2015 Breakthrough Women's Retreat


Date- October 2015
Details will be announced soon.

Community of Healers- Coaching Retreat

Connection, Healing and Reflection

June 2014


We gathered on the grounds of Cedar Creek in Helen, GA  for a weekend of connection, healing and reflection.  Healers assembled from across the globe to discuss their work, support each others growth,  share their experiences  on bringing the best to our clients in forms of retreats and best practices.

coaching class2014

Through conversations we gained an understanding of our gifts and how to bring them to the world. We learned new skills through workshops on effective communication and creating a culture of accountability in the healing community.

Coaching retreat42014

Mindful Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, Massage , Energy Work, Communication training, Prayer Hikes and Organic meals were all apart of this beautiful weekend. If you are healer you certainly want to be apart of this community and join us at  the next  retreat.

Special thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. You all truly Rock!!

The retreat allowed me to focus on “ME” sometimes in life we get caught up in the rat race and giving our ourselves to others. The retreat allowed me to be still and work on me and what is important to my well-being. I would encourage all to attend.

 Tina Greer
Tina Greer, Attendee

Participating in the Women Retreat was a welcome relaxation after a busy 8 months and also helped me to begin my refection and direction, loving myself enough to release past issues and accepting they were part of my journey then moving forward into clarity and joy. Laughter, Breathing & Walking Meditations, Food and Fellowship with a great group of ladies and the moderators were excellent in their deliver and made it fun! Peace & Blessings

Crystal Dyer
Crystal Dyer, Attendee

The Women’s Retreat was absolutely amazing. It was a wonderful bonding experience. It repaired the relationship between my sister and I that had been broken for over a year. We shared laughs and cleansing tears. Most importantly I tapped into my passion and lost the fear of truly going after it. The retreat brung much clarity and enlightenment to my life. I am eagerly awaiting for the retreat of 2014. Thanks for all that you do Melisa!

Chanel B, Attendee

2013 Spiritual Awakening Retreat

Renew, Refresh and Relax

June 2014


This was a weekend of awakening our inner spirit. We had some beautiful experience as unexpected breakthroughs occurred throughout the weekend. Participants journaled, embarked on silencing the mind through quiet reflection time and experienced inner peace through workshops and individual work with the coaches throughout the weekend.

Our guides for the retreat Melisa Alaba, Kurundi Daniels and Evanye Lawson lead us in talks about relationships, meditation , Yoga, breathwork and hypnotherapy classes. We stayed on to the relaxing grounds of Ocoee, Tennessee at the Resort.

Together we will embark on a spiritual journey as we took in the beautiful scenery and peace of the resort.

 2012 Day Retreats and Weekend Retreats:

Yoga in the Park

Using meditation, Dance,Yoga, walking and life coaching dialogue we set the stage for change to occur.

Our workshops and programs are designed for you to explore and create inner peace.

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