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Why Live Out Loud?

Too many self-help books today regurgitate the same old information.  Not enough of them stand out because there is no difference, no specialness that draws the reader with truth—well now there’s a book that brings a fresh outpouring of the Word and Wisdom of GOD–Melisa Alaba’s Christian Self-Help book, LIVE OUT LOUD:  52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose.  With a gentle but firm writing style, Ms. Alaba dishes the truth in tasty, easy to digest tidbits.

Step-by-step, in a loving, authentic voice, Ms. Alaba gives you the Word and the way to change your life in 52 weeks from barely living to living out loud!  From abundance to acceptance to purpose, she illustrates eleven principles that will elevate your life from the ground floor to the penthouse!  This easy to read blueprint for good living is bound to be a keeper for anyone who reads it.  Get your copy and start enjoying the abundant life today!

Live Out Loud is an awesome book to keep close and near. Melisa Alaba really gave me, and I’m sure, many of you, some great techniques to live by. I am an avid follower of this great author and her words are truly her life.

Kurundi Daniels
Kurundi Daniels, Author description

Live out Loud is surely the ember to re-ignite the fire from within. Melisa uses her own life experiences to evoke us to a level of self-awareness to live the life we desire. She speaks to the whole being and offers practical ways to achieve the ultimate. Chocked full of goodies—the frame—work used and if applied will undoubtedly lend to a life of fulfillment. Read it! Love it! Live it!

Skyy Banks
Skyy Banks, Author of Soul on Fire

Every now and then a gift will come into your life; “Live Out Loud” is one of them. Melisa is a beautiful person who shares her expertise with the reader from her own personal experiences. Live Out Loud will put a smile on your face and at the same time rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. If you want to manifest your deepest desires, this book will definitely help you get there.

Leonard Kelly, Author description

Melisa has provided such an easy and succinct method to free yourself of stress and life clutter by applying simple everyday (or night) practices. What a joy! This book has become a bedside companion for me. Thanks Melisa.

Iris Gathing, Author description

Live Out Loud is a well-constructed guide to living by the eleven principles Alaba outlines with clarity and good sense. Easy to read and apply to your life, this book’s unique take on self-help is a great read.

Andrea Wright, Author of Trusting the Tingles and Her Essence in Death

When I picked up Melisa Alaba’s Live Out Loud I knew I had found a woman after my own heart. Melisa’s transparency about her own story and the 52 ways she provides for reawakening your spirit and living on purpose are so much of what I used to not only grow my real estate and mortgage brokerage from a 700 sq ft condo to a 7-figure real estate empire in my 20s, but demonstrates almost verbatim how I overcame losing it all to reestablishing my brand on and offline. My favorite nuggets of wisdom include: be a problem solver, accept people for who they are, create positive affirmations, complete something and so many more! If you’re a human being and have been through anything EVER in life, Live Out Loud, will help you renew your mindset and refresh your senses to receive the rainbow on the other side of the storm.

Patrice Cunningham Washington, Author of Real Real Money Answers for Every Woman

Book Club Questions:

  • How has this book caused you to seek purpose and self-discovery in your own life?
  • What are you doing differently to live out loud?
  • What weekly activity resonated with you the most?
  • How has your faith increased?
  • How has your love increased?
  • How did the gratitude journal increase your ?
  • What dreams did you discover while creating your vision board?
  • What dreams have been fulfilled from your vision board?
  • Did you learn to forgive and to let go?


  1. My writing and the lessons I’ve learned.
  2. My walk with GOD.
  3. My recovery from traumatic back injuries.
  4. Family, Faith and Forgiveness.
  5. Your life before the accident versus your life after the accident.
  6. Healing
  7. Life Coaching.
  8. Visionary Coaching.
  9. Time Management for Mom writers.
  10. Creating a career with your writing rather than a hobby.
  11. How can we book you for speaking engagements?
  12. What topics do speak on?
  13. Do you offer workshops for aspiring writers?
  14. Did you self-publish your book?  If so, why?
  15. Do you have an agent?
  16. What is the most important message and/or theme of Live Out Loud?

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