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Is Mediocrity Your Middle Name?

By Melisa Alaba 1 year ago
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No one wants to be called mediocre, but that is exactly what happens to good people when you have decided to be average. You may be saying, “Melisa, who decides to be average?” Here are five ways to identify if you have made this unconscious decision for your life.

1. You play life safe. You are so busy seeking income so that you can eat that you never follow your call so you can TRULY live. 

2. You depend on others as your source. You have more faith in your partner, paycheck or others than you do in God.

3. You know what your life’s calling is, but you are scared to follow it. You always have a shoulda, a coulda and a woulda in your back pocket. Fear holds you back from taking consistent action.

4. You are a part-time lover. You have taken the first steps of owning your life by enrolling in a class, taking a course, or even writing a book, but you stop short on following through to sacrifice for your dreams. You know you need a real strategy, but you fail to invest in a plan.

5. You are the fan club leader. You love sharing quotes and receiving inspiration from your favorite life coaches and motivational speakers. You even share their material with others, but you fail to enroll and invest in your self-development. Is it time to invest in you?

Beloved, it is time to boldly step into your life. Join me as we leave mediocrity in our yesterday and step into our greatness today! Are you sitting on the sideline of your success?

This is your season to live a life of freedom.

Wishing you the Best,

Melisa Alaba

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