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Melisa Alaba is a vision coach who helps clients develop and implement strategies to reach their personally identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.

Are you feeling Unclear about your next steps? Seeking vision for your next steps? Do you need clarity in your Business goals? Relationships? Do you have a big dream to accomplish? Ready to write your first book or training manual? Develop a informational product? Or maybe open restaurant or wellness center? Whatever your dream, goal or vision she can help you accomplish it.  Using a holistic approach, she develops coaching curriculum specific to you. Together the both of you will put all the pieces together such as your team, strategy and movement to make your dream a reality quickly. I show you how to gain the resources, time and insight so that you feel clear and confident about accomplishing your desired goals. Sometimes we just need clarity and focus to jump start our lives. So whether you are seeking clarity in your personal life or business life, coaching is for you. Coaching works when there are two factors present: When you are ready to make changes in your professional or personal life, and there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. That is all that is necessary for the coach and client to solve professional or personal challenges, turn a business around, and/or design and implement a plan of action. Through an interactive and developmental process, We will help  you pursue strategies and solutions designed to move you towards the rapid and satisfying attainment of your professional and personal goals.  We respect, acknowledge, and protect the vulnerability and confidentiality of each client, while constructively holding clients to high standards of self-responsibility and self-accountability. Start living the life you always dreamed of.

-Thea Camara, Actress

Melisa Alaba has been more than a coach to me she has been my sister, mentor and life coach all rolled into one. Melisa Alaba is truly a visionary leader. Over the years she and I have worked on countless situations. Melisa has been my biggest support when it comes to becoming an entrepreneurial. She encouraged me to come up with a curriculum for teaching acting classes and launch my courses,which I’ve done within my community and its been extremely successful. I’ve also created a resource guide for aspiring actors that helps them with where to start. I’m grateful that God allow our paths to cross. Melisa is skilled at what she does. She plants seeds of encouragement and direction that last a life time.


I was able to spread the connected educator mindset to my educational support students through linking them with pre-service teachers in the states