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Courage: The Key Ingredient to Unlocking Your Potential

By Melisa Alaba 1 year ago
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52110245_sIt takes courage to live a life you love. Recently I have been on a mission to live courageously. This has led me to leave a marriage that was no longer loving, to get healthy, to move across the country again, and to give even more in my work to help others on their path. Courage is taking the steps to move toward destiny despite opposition. Iyanla Vanzant says, “Courage comes by taking action before you are forced to.”

I believe courage is a building block to living abundantly. It takes courage to live authentically. So stop hiding and start living the life God meant for you. Here are five mental blocks you must overcome to live courageously.

  1. Pleasing others. Many of us get stuck in messy lives because we are seeking to please others. Stop performing for the world and start being fully present in your life.
  2. False abundance. Are you showing up every day at a job you no longer desire or staying in an unsupportive friendship because of your perceived notions? True abundance is having a sense of peace, joy and growth in our work, relationships and finances. Begin to ask yourself, am I growing here? Does this relationship reflect joy? How can I improve this situation?
  3. Fear is your friend. We often run from fear, but today I’m asking you to embrace it. Notice how fear can guide you in feeling the truth of your heart. Fear helps us to recognize what we care about, what we love, and what frustrates us the most. Ask yourself questions such as, what am I feeling right now? How can I best serve my purpose? Have faith and move in the direction of your dreams.
  4. Make a decision. Indecision will keep you bound up. Weigh the odds and make a decision. Every time you make a decision in love, you will become stronger and more capable of making good decisions. There are no wrong choices; every decision leads you to learning more about yourself and growing.
  5. Accept the good and the bad. Every new choice you make for yourself will cause a shift in your world. Not everyone is going to be happy that you are now more assertive, thinner, or a new business owner. Understand that with every new move you make, it will unbalance people around you who have not yet taken the challenge to live their authentic lives. It takes courage to believe you are deserving of the best and to go after it no matter the cost.

Beloved, God has a beautiful plan for you. Ultimately you are creating a legacy with every courageous move you make.

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