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3 Ways to Identify a Dream-Snatching

By Melisa Alaba 1 year ago
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41625608_sYears ago my middle daughter was obsessed with the television show Dora the Explorer. Periodically, Dora would scream, “Swapper, no swapping!” as Swapper was always up to no good. Dora, as usual, would be going about her business planning an exciting adventure or exploring a new path, but Swapper was always lurking around the corner, hiding her map or taking her shoes.

Many dream snatchers will not take your things to prevent you from working, but they will plant seeds of doubt. Here are clues that you have a dream snatcher in your midst.

  1. They nay say every idea you have. You are full of excitement and they tell you every reason it will not work.
  2. They offer no solutions. Starting a business can be tough. This is one of the reasons many businesses fail in their first year. You need someone to help you sort the ideas out and come up with solutions. This is one of the reasons masterminds and coaching have become so popular.
  3. They have never gone where you are headed. Yep, many swappers have never put the pedal to the metal in their own lives so they feel obligated to kill your dreams. Word to the wise: Never follow someone who has not set out to live their own dreams and who doesn’t have successes to show for it.

So, beautiful, I want you to repeat after me, “Swiper, no swiping.” This is your time to live a fuller life. This is your time to make your dreams come true. This is your time to find your tribe that will support you in your dreams. We are here for you!

Rocking you to success,

Melisa Alaba

Trust is hard to regain once it’s gone, and it’s best to try and completely right here avoid losing it in the first place
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